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Our portal, developed by the KLYCH community and TeamFusion, is a space for those who support Ukraine, both in spirit and in action, even from afar. It is a place where everyone is united by a shared goal: to help Ukraine achieve positive change.

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Our main goals and features

All users gain access to the portal only by invitation from project leaders.

On the portal, you will find a safe environment for discussions and collaboration. All participants are verified and authenticated, ensuring your privacy and security.

Our community of activists opens the door to sharing ideas and experiences. Here you can find advice, inspiration, and co-partners to implement your projects.

On the portal, we have gathered useful materials from various fields, from history to art, politics, and law. You can find information that will help you in your activism.

Our portal unites Ukrainian activists from different countries and continents. We believe in international solidarity and the possibility of uniting for a common goal: supporting Ukraine.

We created this portal to make it easier to organize and participate in events in support of Ukraine. Here you will find information about events taking place around the world, as well as materials and ideas for creating your own events.

Our portal is constantly developing and expanding, meeting the needs of our participants. We provide support and assistance for your activity and initiative to achieve greater results together.

Introductory video on using the Klych Community Portal

Join our community, where Ukrainians from all over the world unite to support Ukraine, exchange ideas, and create positive change. Our portal is a place where the actions of each activist matter, ideas become reality, and support for Ukraine becomes international.

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