Ukrainian Music Playlist


Daria Kolomiec, Ukrainian cultural activist, producer, and DJ, presents her exclusive selections of Ukrainian music curated for the Klych collaborative initiative “Believe in Ukraine”

February 24, 2024, marks the 2nd anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. On this day, tragic for every Ukrainian, we would like to show solidarity, respect, and support to the brave nation fighting with genocidal Russian aggression for their independence, freedom, and vital values. 
Klych partners with Daria Kolomiec, allied organizations, and various USA venues to bring Ukrainian music to more places at once than ever. On February 24, partner locations supporting Ukraine will play Ukrainian music selections by Daria Kolomiec to show solidarity and remind its attendees why standing with Ukrainians is still important.

The following playlists have been curated by Daria Kolomiec and should be credited whenever utilized:


The App MusiCures - you can download for free and play from any device (smartphone or iPad):


Spotify Playlist of Ukrainian Music #1, over 16 hours of music


Spotify Playlist of Ukrainian Music #2, 5 hours 6 minutes

Pitch Points to Businesses

Part of a worldwide campaign with over 180 cities taking part

This is another creative way to advocate for Ukraine

Ukrainians are creative and have music of all different genres

February 24th - cafes, restaurants, businesses turn on a playlist of Ukrainian music

People will come through and hear different kinds of music from all kinds of genres

There will be a QR code that will go to the playlist and a QR code to the Believe in Ukraine Campaign

There will be a QR code that will go to the playlist and a QR code to the Believe in Ukraine Campaign

Map of where there might be Ukrainian music

Invitation for communities to go to their local businesses and strike up a conversation with their baristas to include Ukrainian music in their music selection.

This will open up Ukrainian culture for folks all across the world

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