A community of creators of projects and large-scale events to support Ukraine. We are effectively uniting efforts of leaders and participants from various organizations to unify Ukraine’s voice across the world.



Indiana Supports Ukraine
Stand With Ukraine Minnesota
Ucrania Eres Tu
Team Fusion
USA with Ukraine
Ukrainian National Women’s League of America
Ukrainian School of Orange County
Ukrainian Association of Washington State
The American Coalition for Ukraine
Holodomor 90 Commemoration
Razom for Ukraine
Ukrainian American Coordinating Council
Houston for Ukraine
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Cactus and Tryzub


We are more than a community - we are people who passionately seek Ukraine's victory in the war against Russia. Our mission is to make Ukraine's voice heard abroad. Join our events to help us become more visible worldwide.


Ukraine Action Sammit

“Ukraine Action Summit” 




“Ukrainian Halloween” 


“ 365 Days Defending Freedom” 


Many Ukrainians had to leave their hometowns due to the war initiated by Russia against Ukraine, becoming refugees in various countries around the world. Finding a safe place for themselves and their families, they began to participate in organizing events to support Ukraine.

In Germany, we found refuge with the family of our friends. They provided us with a roof over our heads and helped us adapt to our new life. I was grateful for their kindness, but I couldn't just sit idly by. I wanted to do something to help Ukraine. I joined a group of activists who organize events to support Ukraine abroad and raise funds for the army.

July 22, 2022

Andrii Kryvonis

I didn't give up because I believe in Ukraine. I believe that we are a strong country with a brave people.I didn't give up because I want my children to grow up in a country where there is peace. I didn't give up because I want Ukraine to be free and independent. I will continue to work until Ukraine wins.

June 15, 2023

Olga Bayda

In February 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine, and my life changed forever. I heard explosions as they approached my house. I saw people fleeing from the war. I knew I had to leave. I gathered our belongings and went to Germany with my children. We were among the millions of Ukrainians forced to leave their homes because of the war.

May 17, 2023

Anna Samoylenko


Tell us the story of your life after leaving Ukraine.


Oct 2023
About the event

Ukraine Action Summit: Fall 2023

The American Coalition for Ukraine is holding the third Ukraine Action Summit in Washington, D.C. on October 22-24, 2023.
We invite individuals and organizations — from within as well as beyond the Ukrainian community — who are invested in advocating our elected officials to continue helping Ukraine to prevail against the Russian invasion.
The Summit will consist of panel discussions, a collaborative advocacy training and Congressional meetings on Capitol Hill.

Sep 13, 2023
Hudson Institute

Overview The Top Myths about US Aid to Ukraine

Since Russia invaded Ukraine for the second time in eight years, Russian troops have ravaged Ukraine’s cities, raped its women, and stolen its children. Russian missiles and Iranian drones strike Ukrainian cities daily, often hitting civilian targets. Russia is the aggressor. Ukraine is the victim.

For Americans who believe in respect for national borders, the primacy of national sovereignty, and the right to self-defense...

The tips
September 22, 2023

How to Increase Your Chances of Finding a Supporter

If you have to resort to social media to find a supporter, follow these tips to increase your chances...

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