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We are proud to be part of the global Ukrainian activist community.

Our team began working, as a response to the full scale invasion, on the development and organization of events to support Ukraine. Over time, this work evolved into building strong relationships with activists and organizations aiding Ukraine, as well as organizing long-term projects. Now, we see our main task as uniting activists from around the world into a global community which supports development of ideas, facilitates collaborative experiences, and encourages instantaneous response to world events.

If you feel lonely or lost, have many questions, or are looking for support or understanding in organizing projects to support Ukraine, there is always a place for you in our community. We are ready to help you find a place where you can communicate with like minded individuals to find solutions and grow. We believe that everyone can make an impact on society and government to enact change both locally and globally.



UPWARD – It’s All about Ukraine

Our vision is to unite a global community of activists and supporters dedicated to helping Ukraine in its struggle for freedom, independence, and peace. We aim to create a platform where individuals and organizations from around the world can come together to advocate for Ukraine, raise awareness about its challenges, and support its people in various ways. Through collaboration and shared efforts, we strive to make a positive impact on Ukraine's present and future.




Ukraine's Right to Freedom and Independence

We believe in Ukraine's independence and sovereignty as an undeniable principle that should have the support of the global community.

Global Responsibility

We believe that every country and its citizens have a responsibility to support and protect human rights and international standards.

Solidarity and Cooperation

We believe in solidarity and cooperation among communities, organizations, and countries to achieve common goals.

Civic Engagement

We support civic engagement and the role of citizens in shaping policy and society.

Freedom of Information

We believe in the importance of freedom of speech and access to information for the development of informed citizens and society.

Support for the Affected

We aim to support and assist people who have been affected by conflicts and crises.

Our Team


Maria Moroz

Project Manager

Maria Moroz is our dedicated Project Manager. With her strong leadership skills and passion for making a difference, she ensures that our projects are executed efficiently and effectively. Maria brings years of experience to the team, making her an invaluable asset in our mission to support Ukraine.


Aleksandr Krapivkin 

North American Community Manager

Aleksandr Krapivkin plays a vital role as our North American Community Manager. He excels in connecting with communities and overseeing various projects. His commitment to fostering collaboration and his organizational skills are essential to our success.


Nadia Spaska

Community and Project Coordinator

Nadia Spaska is a passionate Community and Project Coordinator who contributes significantly to our team. Her ability to build strong connections within communities and manage projects makes her an indispensable part of our mission. Nadia's commitment to our cause drives our success.


Oleksii Studinskyi

Community and Project Coordinator

Oleksii Studinskyi is another key member of our team, serving as a Community and Project Coordinator. He shares a deep dedication to our mission, working tirelessly to engage communities and manage projects effectively. Alexey's enthusiasm and expertise are instrumental in our efforts.

Together our team is committed to making a positive impact and supporting Ukraine in its journey towards freedom and independence. We are driven by our shared vision and dedication to our mission.

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