Karna is a Slavic goddess from the pantheon of the ancient Slavic mythological world. Goddess of sorrow, funeral rite, grief. Daughter of Mara, sister of Želja.
References to the goddess Karna in historical sources are limited, as ancient Slavic written documents have been preserved in small numbers. The goddess Karna appears as the embodiment of sorrow, mourning and lamenting the dead. Her presence in funeral rites testifies to the important role she plays in the mythology and culture of the Slavic people.
One of the most famous mythological associations associated with the goddess Karna is the myth of Igor Svyatoslavich. In the epic "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" ("Слово о полку Ігоревім") it is mentioned that Karna accompanies the Polovtsian Khan Konchak and merges with the sorrow of the Russian (Kievan Rus) warriors during his invasion of Kievan Rus (the territory of modern Ukraine).

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