Ukraine: 365 Days of Defending Freedom

Ukraine: 365 Days of Defending Freedom

365 Days of Freedom Defense: Ukrainians in North America, together with the KLYCH community, organized events to commemorate the anniversary of the full-scale invasion.

On February 24, 25, and 26, 2023, Ukrainians took part in the "Ukraine: 365 Days of Defending Freedom" mass rallies in various cities in the United States. The purpose of these events was to express gratitude for the support in approaching a shared victory and the ongoing struggle for freedom in Ukraine.

These actions took place in some of the largest cities in the USA, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, San Antonio, and Los Angeles, as well as in over sixty other cities.

Activists, supported by the KLYCH community, took to the streets of these cities with posters representing each of the 365 days since February 24, 2022. Each poster featured a photograph that recounted an event that occurred on that day. In this way, participants in the actions highlighted the daily struggle of Ukrainians for freedom to the entire world. Ukrainians called on everyone to come together to remember this year, thank the world for helping us through it, and urged the world to protect freedom collectively and achieve victory together.

"When the world gave us three days, we gave them a year. Ukrainians inspire people around the world and will continue to be a beacon of light through unity. More than 64 cities in North America proudly come together to thank the world for standing by our side and ask for support until the end. When the world gave us three days, we will achieve a victory that is a victory for all free nations." - Alexander Krapivkin, KLYCH.

Since the end of February last year, Ukrainians around the world have been actively participating in pro-Ukraine actions in various cities, demanding support for Ukraine and assistance.

North American Cities Involved “Ukraine: 365 Days of Defending Freedom”

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Anchorage, Alaska 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Austin, Texas 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Charleston, South Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina

Chicago, Illinois

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cincinnati, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Corpus Cristi, Texas 

Dayton, Ohio

Davidson, North Carolina

Denver, Colorado

Detroit, Michigan

Gainesville, Florida

Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Greenville, South Carolina

Gulf Breeze, Florida

Honolulu, Hawaii

Houston, Texas

Huntsville, Alabama 

Indianapolis, Indiana

Jacksonville, Florida

Kansas City, Missouri + Kansas

Laguna Beach, California 

Lincoln, Nebraska

Los Angeles, California 

Louisville, Kentucky

Madison, Wisconsin 

Memphis, Tennessee 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Mexico City, Mexico

Montpelier, Vermont

Morgantown, West Virginia

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

New Orleans, Louisiana 

New York City, New York 

Oberlin, Ohio

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Orlando, Florida

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Phoenix, Arizona

Portland, Oregon

Providence, Rhode Island

Rapid City, South Dakota

Roanoke, Virginia

Sacramento, California

Salt Lake City, Utah

San Antonio, Texas

San Diego, California 

San Francisco, California

Santa Barbara, California

Sarasota, Florida 

Seattle, Washington 

St. Louis, Missouri

Tallahassee, Florida 

Tampa, Florida

The Woodlands, Texas

Toledo, Ohio 

West Palm Beach, Florida

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