Pentagon's Head Names Five Reasons Why Ukraine's Defence Is Important

Pentagon's Head Names Five Reasons Why Ukraine's Defence Is Important

Lloyd Austin, the United States Secretary of Defence, during his speech at the Ramstein-format meeting on 11 October in Brussels, has named 5 reasons why Ukraine's struggle against the Russian invasion matters.

 "Everyone here understands the stakes ... and why Ukraine's defence struggle matters. Ukraine matters because Putin's war of choice is a great and acute threat to European security," Austin said.

Secondly, Ukraine is important because the Russian aggression clearly challenges the US allies, he added.

Thirdly, Ukraine matters because Russian atrocities against civilians offend our shared values and threaten the rule of law, the official noted.

Fourth, he said, Ukraine matters because Russian attacks on Ukrainian grain are deliberately causing hunger and suffering for innocent people worldwide.

Fifth, Austin stressed, Ukraine matters because if major powers can invade their peaceful and democratic neighbours with impunity, it will destroy the rules-based order that has made the world so much safer since the end of World War II.

"This is what brought us together again. And, as I have said before, I continue to firmly believe that our support for the forces of freedom in Ukraine will be strong in any season or any storm," the United States Secretary of Defence said.

In his speech, Austin also announced a new military aid package for Ukraine worth US$200 million.

It has already been reported that this aid package will be financed from funds the Pentagon saved due to an accounting error.

Information by European Pravda

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