Daughter of the thunder god Perun, a maiden of the clouds, in Slavic mythology, breathtakingly beautiful, winged, and fierce in battle. Magura mirrors the Norse Valkyrie. Her heart is eternally pledged to valiant warriors and heroes.
On the battlefield, Magura rouses the heroes with her battle cries, her golden helmet gleaming under the sun, igniting joy and hope within their souls. Alas, if a warrior falls under the stroke of an enemy's sword or succumbs to an arrow's piercing, Magura will shield them with her wings, touch their lifeless lips, and offer them a draught from a golden chalice. Those who savor the life-giving water of Magura will ascend to Iria, the heavenly palaces, for eternal life, where amidst celestial bliss they will forever cherish Magura's parting kiss.

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