Lel is a Slavic deity of love and marriage, believed to be the son of the goddess Lada and the brother of Lelya. They are often depicted as twins. Lel's name is associated with folklore and linguistic features of the Slavic languages. The word "леліяти" (leliyaty), meaning "to love, protect, care, caress," is present in various forms among many Slavic languages. Additionally, words like "леля" (lelya), "люлю" (lyulyu), "лелька" (lelyoka), and "льолі" (lolli) appear in Slavic wedding songs, particularly in refrains.
Scholars have limited knowledge about Lel, and some even question his existence. He is not mentioned in chronicles, and his name is primarily associated with folklore. However, the linguistic connections and his presence in wedding songs suggest his significance in Slavic mythology.

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