Dolya is a Proto-Ukrainian goddess of good fortune. She is one of the incarnations of Rozhanitsy, who oversees the future of married couples, the birth of children (the incarnation of new souls). She determines the purpose of a person, and therefore at birth endows babies with all the virtues, and prophesies their future. Dolya, like Mokosha, is an incarnation of Mother Lada. She knows about everything that was, is, and will be with every person. Dolya determines what each human soul needs to learn when it returns to Earth for the next time. Dolya must always be appeased by bringing her gifts. The following were offered as offerings to Dolya: porridge, wool, threads, wine, scarves, dishes, ribbons, bread, honey, and milk. Literally, dolya means "part, share."
The goddess of good fortune is imagined as the image of a beautiful young woman who spins a strong, smooth, golden thread of human destiny. The symbols of Dolya are a spindle, a spinning wheel, and a ball of thread. Dolya is a popular figure in Ukrainian folklore and mythology. She is often depicted as a benevolent goddess who helps people achieve their goals. However, she can also be a harsh judge, and those who do not follow her will suffer.Dolya is a reminder that our fate is not entirely in our own hands. There are forces beyond our control that shape our lives. However, we can still influence our destiny by living a good and virtuous life.

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